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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter: The Best Alternative Filter System Over Chemicals



LifeStraw Personal Water Filter review

Imagine taking those long walks in your favorite countryside with heavy bottles of fresh water that could hurt your back. What if those heavy bottles get depleted and a refill is needed? Having insufficient water means you will suffer from dehydration, or you will be tempted to drink unhealthy water.

That would be certainly inconvenient and could also result in a bad hiking, camping or mountain biking experience. The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter has come to the rescue of millions of outdoor enthusiasts over the world, for which it was particularly designed.

From 2005 this water filter has played a huge role in replacing not only the heavy bottles of water, but chemicals such as iodine and chlorine which were used primarily for water purification prior to consumption. Now an affordable EPA approved filter has hit the market.

All outdoor enthusiasts can now access fresh water in close proximity to their favorite destinations. It’s time to cease worrying about dehydration or the health risks of drinking from flowing water supplies.

This personal water filter can easily let users drink water in the event of contamination during floods or any water stream frequented by wildlife. Humanitarian aid organizations have used the product for such unfortunate events wherein the floods have contaminated water in countries such as Pakistan and Haiti.

The organizations have benefited from this product in rescuing the destitute from heavily polluted water. The features of this water filter coupled with its functionality have led to it being the preferred filter over others.

What Makes this Personal Water Filter Special?

It comes equipped with a range of features that are geared to filer virtually 99.9999% of pollutants from water. All the known water pollutants, such as bacteria, are trapped by the hollow fiber membrane featured in this product.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter using

It is solely a mechanical functionality with no chemicals used to remove impurities. Thus the user is guaranteed fresh water irrespective of how contaminated it can be. Check out the important features bulleted below:

  • It can remove a minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria
  • It can remove 99.9% of protozoan parasites
  • The product filters 0.2 microns
  • It can filter a maximum of 1000 liters of water
  • It is independent of water-purifying chemicals such as chlorine and iodine, to mention a few.
  • It has a hollow fiber membrane that traps contaminants
  • It exceeds EPA standards as proven in independent water filter testing
  • It weighs 55 grams, which makes it lighter
  • It has no batteries to change so users need not worry about the depletion of power
  • The product is manufactured to last longer: it has no moveable parts that can wear out

How would one describe this personal water filter?

For outdoor enthusiasts such as campers, bikers and hikers, the size and the weight of the water filter matters. The convenience of purifying water with 100% removal of micro-organisms is also worth-considering. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter weighs only 2oz which makes it lighter to carry for long distances. It has a high flow rate with maximum 1000 liters of water to be filtered prior to its lifespan end.

LifeStraw in the hand

Considering the physical appearance, this personal water filter has two ends. There is the mouthpiece and the other end, which is inserted into the water for the sucking purposes. The mouthpiece has a cap, which can be closed when not in use.

The inside of the filter features a hollow fiber membrane that predominantly filters bacteria and other types of waterborne parasites with an accuracy of over 99.9999%. The membrane’s functions help eliminate the need of chemicals in purifying water. It effectively removes pollutants mechanically not chemically.

How does this filter work?

When inserted into water, the water enters through the hole underneath the filter. When the user sucks the straw, the waterborne pathogens are being trapped automatically by the membrane, thus allowing only fresh water free of any contaminant. The user will then sip healthy water through the mouthpiece at the top. Dirty water can be expelled by blowing through the straw to help prevent it from clogging.

LifeStraw in action

The absence of chemicals for purification enables the filter to retain the taste of water. All pollutants and their smell will be filtered completely by the hollow fiber membrane. Gone is the era of chemicals and their prominence in water purification.

How to use the filter?

No scientific experience required to be able to utilize the filter. The user can simply insert in any water supply alongside the road. The mouthpiece is then used to draw water from the supplier without fear of jeopardizing one’s health with bacteria.

After use, make sure you blow the membrane to expel dirty water. By doing this you will also be extending the lifespan of the filter. This filter is more like a normal straw used to suck drinks with. The design was inspired by the need to end dehydration suffered in outdoor activities.

Who can use the filter?

Everyone is suited to use this filter. Over a few years that it came into the market, many non-governmental organizations engaging in humanitarian aids in flooded areas have been issuing this product to the destitute.

They found it more convenient compared to conventional chemicals often used in purification processes. All members of the population were provided with personal filters to eliminate life-threatening contaminants from their water streams. This has helped prevent many waterborne diseases that have prevailed in the past, in the events of natural floods contaminating main water sources of people.

Who can use the filter

Having pre-filtered water in bottles is insufficient still. The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter that is mobile brings more convenience to drinking fresh water limitlessly. As emphasized in the features, the product filters over 99.9999% of pathogens from water, thus leaving the traveler with pure water. Of particular importance is the same taste kept by the filter because of the absence of chemicals.

In households this personal water filter can also be used, particularly sucking water from containers. It appears to be practically impossible to refill containers with this straw. However, household members can completely eliminate the use of chemicals or hot water in purification. The advantage of this personal filter is more likely the price tag. It is usually priced below $20

Are there any worthy alternatives to the product?

Many people are relying on conventional purification methods such as chemicals in purifying water. Hikers, bikers and campers in particular, use to carry big bottles of water for survival. Considering the chemicals, they can be inconvenient with their taste after treatment.

Alternatives to the LifeStraw personal filter

These enthusiasts often come across flowing rivers and lakes which are practically impossible to purify. On the other hand, having bottles filled with water is also a burden for long distance walks. The travelers will have to refill with contaminated water in the absence of a personal water filter or alternatively have to travel with many bottles.

In contrast, a personal water filter comes with light weight for ease of travel. It eliminates the hassles of using chemicals or carrying adequately filled bottles. It is designed to filter virtually 100% of health-threatening pollutants found in any water stream. Whether we are talking about dams, rivers or lakes, the filter is suited for all water supplies. As thus it outsmarts the conventional filtration methods with its convenience.

What is the importance of having this personal water filter?

The importance of owning a personal water filter cannot be overemphasized for people that are more concerned with their health when traversing the countryside. It is inescapable that at some stage, amid countryside walks, you will get dehydrated and therefore seek water in your vicinity. But then your health cannot be compromised by unhealthy water seen in flowing rivers.

This therefore necessitates the need to own a personal water filter to help filter impurities for fresh water consumption.

Imagine getting ill after hiking or camping adventures because of unhealthy water. This water filter plays a dispensable role in preventing waterborne diseases. These diseases can include diarrhea which can be critical mostly to children if you had gone out with them.

The filter is affordable so it can be bought for each member of the family upon embarking on journeys. It is such an inexplicable pleasure as a parent knowing that your family’s health is secured from waterborne diseases because of precautionary water filtering solutions.

Importance of having LifeStraw personal water filter

Many countries have been hit by major earthquakes. These include Haiti and Pakistan. Had it not been the prevalence of this product, organizations involved in humanitarian could have spent lots of money in bringing pre-purified water to thousands of stranded people.

The personal water filters made it possible for people to drink water in their close proximity for survival. We know that floods can critically contaminate any water supply which then puts residents in dire need.

In households, these filters also play a major role. Not only can users suck water from rivers or dams. Household members can suck water from containers using these straws to help curb pollutants. This in turn helps families to save a lot. The straw can be used by many people, although it is recommended for each member to own one.

What are other users saying with this filter?

As seen predominantly on reputable sites’ reviews, more users are pleased with the emergence of this personal water filter. They consider it a complete substitution to iodine, chlorine and other chemicals frequently used in purification. Travelers are more pleased with the convenience of the product in that it eliminates the use of bottles when travelling.

With a guaranteed removal of over 99.9% of waterborne parasites such as e-coli, salmonella, giardia and Cryptosporidium, more users prefer the mobile personal filter over traditional methods of having to boil water before drinking or pouring chemicals in containers. Also noteworthy is the affordability of the product compared to purchasing chemicals for purification.

Is this filter EPA approved?

EPA stands for the Environmental Protection Agency of the US whose mission is to safeguard the health of citizens. It therefore approves water filters to ensure that they meet or surpass its standards. The Lifestraw filter has been approved by the agency. It is said to have exceeded the standards required for a water filter.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter EPA approved

How does this approval matter to you? Well, it confirms the effectiveness of the filter in removing 100% of waterborne parasites and bacteria. As a user you can rest assured that your health is not on the knife’s edge because the EPA safeguards it.


As aforementioned in the review, it is evident that this personal water filter commands more advantages than the disadvantages. Mentioned below are its popular pros:

  • It is lightweight: travelers can find it convenient to walk with it to any destination instead of carrying many bottles filled with pre-filtered water.
  • It removes life-threatening bacteria: these include e-coli, giardia, salmonella and Cryptosporidium.
  • It can filter up to 1000 liters: this practically means the filter can last about a year before it can be replaced. No replaceable parts so a new one has to be purchased.
  • It has an accuracy of over 99.9 % in removing parasites: its hollow fiber membrane plays this integral part in ensuring that no parasites pass through to the mouthpiece.
  • It is EPA approved: independent tests were conducted and it was found it surpasses the standards expected from water filters.
  • It retains the taste of water: the same cannot be said with chemicals used in purifying water.
  • It uses no iodine, chlorine or any other water purifying chemicals: the filtration is alternatively done mechanically.
  • It is mobile and multifunctional: can be used to suck water from any water storage or supplier.
  • It is affordable: conventional water filters are relatively expensive, which then prompt other users to expose themselves to unclean water due to unaffordable prices.


Any product can be widely praised for its excellence in designated functions, but there will still be some dissatisfaction from some customers.

A great product is the one with minimal cons compared to the pros. With this personal water filter, the cons were found to be minimal and cannot divert hikers’ or campers’ decisions in purchasing the product. Some are mentioned below:

  • It takes time to suck water: the user has to put efforts, although, for a few seconds or minutes to sip
  • It is impractical to refill containers with clean water using the straw: it is a straw and thus users will find it difficult to suck water in a bid to refill a 10 liter container.
  • The lower end that gets water in, may not fit any bottle: thin bottle openings may be impossible to use with this water filter.
  • Some users complain that it doesn’t filter salt: salt is however not life-threatening compared to bacteria as they are predominantly filtered.
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The Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bag: The Most Important Outdoor Gear For Adventurers




The difference between backpacking and hiking is that the former implies you will spend at least a night in the wilderness. As a result, backpacking can be quite different from hiking, especially when you consider the duration you will be spending outdoors and the kind of gear you will need to take with you.

However, whether hiking or backpacking, a rough night spent in the wilderness could ruin your entire experience. Since a sleeping bag is crucial for most of these trips, looking for one that suits you will go a long way in ensuring you have a memorable expedition.

The best sleeping bag should cover you in a cocoon of comfort and warmth, enabling your whole body to recover, so it’s ready for the next day’s expedition. But selecting the right gear can be a little cumbersome.

That is why we are going to show you the Western Mountaineering Cypress Gore WindStopper -30 Degree Sleeping Bag so you will have to search no more! This semi rectangular sleeping bag is so comfortable and warm, that you can literally sleep in really frigid temperatures and still stay toasty inside! Let us dive into all of the information about this summer time sleeping bag!



Your sleeping bag will come compressed in the package that is just a little bigger than 6 x 14 x 22 inches. The package weight should be about 7 pounds and include the sleeping bag as well as the stuff sack so you can compress your bag down to a size that lets you tote it around.

Durability and Design

This sleeping bag is designed to be semi rectangular, very warm, and cozy. It is designed with a storm flap, draft tubes that keep cold air out, and is weather resistant with the Gore Wind-Stopper. It is also highly durable, has a left side zipper, and will last you for many years of outdoor adventures! This sleeping bag has proven to be great for summer use, but it can be used on warm winter nights as well.

It has a temperature rating of 25 degrees F, so it will work down past freezing temperatures. It may get too warm for you if the temperature outside is too warm, but it gives you the ability to vent the sleeping bag so you do not feel too warm or get sweaty. This bag is made to give you the perfect sleeping experience no matter where you are sleeping. If you feel the need for more padding, you can put a sleeping pad inside of it with ease.

Shell and GWS

The shell of the Cypress GWS is excellent and adds to the amazing features of this bag. This component is extremely water resistant and highly breathable as well, given its weight-to-performance ratio. The GORE-TEX WindStopper shell offered by Western Mountaineering makes the sleeping bag ideal for use in humid areas as this feature is water repellent. Good breathability, is essential in a cold weather sleeping bag as the build-up of perspiration will compromise the down’s lofting power during your extended trips.


The Western Mountaineering Cypress LZ Gore WindStopper Sleeping Bag is amazingly wide, with more girth and insulation compared to other bags, in its rating. Even though the Cypress GWS isn’t a mummy bag, it’s capable if keeping you warm at thirty degrees Fahrenheit.

With an average loft of eleven, this bag will engulf your body with a wall of the best thermal protection. The bag consists of 850+ fill power premium goose down. The Cypress Gore Wind-Stopper is an excellent way to cover yourself in a warm goose down as each of them is filled with almost fifty ounces of it.

In addition to its excellent fit, the Cypress GWS Sleeping Bag is made of a down collar that runs on the upper side of the chest to prevent heat from escaping during the night. Additionally, this product has a full zipper which is significant for venting in warm weather. The down filled draft tube is also important as it helps prevent side drafts.

A goose down is the most compressible and the lightest insulator available, giving a bag a surprisingly high warmth-to-weight ratio. In that case, a 30o down bag would weigh less compared to a synthetic sleeping bag of the same rating. Down insulation is important for hikers or backpackers who are looking to pack more efficiently.

Manufacturer Recommendations

  • Do not store a wet bag. Always ensure the sleeping bag is dry before you can store it
  • For goose down options, never store them in a stuff sack. Store them in large bags, such as the laundry bags. The synthetic options are quite forgiving and can be stored, at least for some time, inside the stuff sack
  • If you have to wash your bag, make sure you utilize a front-load machine, with some cold water and soap.
  • Never dry clean a bag, especially those filled with goose down.

 Value for the Money

The value of thus sleeping bag is one that is hard to bear. One of the greatest reasons why most backpackers would go for quality down sleeping bags is that these products have a long lifespan, and the Cypress GWS is not an exception. Compared to the synthetic products, these models can be easily stuffed and unstuffed without damaging their insulation. If you can acquire a quality sleeping bag that can handle the on- and off-trail adventures, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the long term.

At about $1,130, the Cypress GWS sleeping bag is quite worth the investment. In addition to that, if this bag is able to withstand abuse, and can sustain being used for an extended period without losing its efficiency, then it’s worth the investment. Given its features, the Cypress GWS can be used for all backpacking adventures, as well as periodic ski tours and mountaineering expeditions. These aspects are what make it a go-to option whenever you are in need of something that can serve you efficiently while in the wilderness.

Cypress LZ GWS utilizes down from free-range mother geese. With its features, you can use this bag to climb mountains and camp in areas you’ve always dreamed of. As the wind blows through the night and the cold is almost freezing your bones, you can zip yourself in the Cypress GWS for warmth. As mentioned, the bag is packed with 850+ fill power down to create a loft of about 11” so you are able to sleep soundly, dreaming of accomplishing your tour objects come the next day.

The Gore WindStopper shell fabric offers the weather resistance you desire in extreme temperatures and weather. Who would have imagined that all the warmth of this sleeping bag can weigh in at about 7 pounds?

The Cypress GWS comes with outstanding features that make it suitable for your outdoor needs. These include an insulated draft tube on the inside of the zipper combined with a storm flap covering on the outside, a three-dimensional draft collar (insulated), a GWS outer shell material, and a second zipper that allows the bag to open entirely around the foot. Other features of the Cypress GWS are as follows:

  • Full down collar
  • 64/39” foot/shoulder girth
  • Insulated external hood ruff
  • 5 ¼” V-block side baffle

This sleeping bag compresses down to a smaller size in a compression sack. This is an important aspect for backpackers looking to save some space on their pack. If you are a mountaineering enthusiast, you are aware that the size of the sleeping bag is directly proportional to the size and weight of the backpack you carry, since it takes almost fifty percent of the space in the pack.

The GORE-TEX WindStopper fabric, the soft, lightweight, and lofty materials of the Cypress GWS make this product quite attractive and a suitable place to sleep in. If you prefer comfort over anything else, then this is the right product for you. It offers the softest and most comfortable touch compared to most sleeping bags within the same ratings.


  • Temperature rating down to -30 degrees F
  • 50 oz of down filling
  • Weather resistant, Has Gore Windstopper
  • Adjustable Collar
  • Warm and well insulated, includes storm flap
  • 5 inches of loft


  • Very pricey, over $1,000
  • Only comes in one color
  • Gets too warm around 50 degrees F

When it comes to choosing a backpacking equipment such as a sleeping bag, there are numerous aspects you will need to consider to ensure you make the right choice. This guide provides some essential pointers that will help you to make an informed decision as far as selecting a sleeping bag is concerned.

Make sure you choose a bag that has the features that will enable you to survive the outdoor conditions. One of the best options that would suit you during cold weather camping and backpacking is the Western Mountaineering Cypress LZ GWS Sleeping Bag.

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Jetboil Stove Review: The All-in-One Integrated Stove & Cookware System




Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Nobody enjoys doing chores. Unfortunately, even when you’re out in the wild these necessities can be unavoidable. Cooking, cleaning, heating, washing… these are simply requirements if you want to stay at all hygienic during your outdoor expeditions. Our best advice is to simply get them over with as quickly as possible.

The more efficient you are about these activities the faster they’ll be done and the quicker you can get on to enjoying fishing, hiking, hunting or other adventures. The easiest way to speed these things up is to utilize the right equipment and we think we’ve found a real wonder on the market. The Jetboil Flash adds a whole new level of convenience to outdoor water heating & cooking.

So much so that we’ve decided to provide you with a full write up of its features and how it could be used to make your next outdoor trip even more fun by minimizing your ‘chores’ time. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into discussing the features of The Flash Personal Cooking System in this Jetboil Stove review


In less than two minutes the Jetboil Flash can help you prepare a hot drink or an instant hot meal. This is the ideal choice for anyone who is in need of efficient cooking/boiling energy. The Jetboil Flash is well-organized, lightweight and fast.

High fuel efficiency, and all-in-one package, means that you do not need additional cookware. Here are the specifications that make the Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System special.


The very first consideration to make when shopping for an outdoor cookware is packaging. The Jetboil Flash Personal is one of the lightest, weighing in at 0.88 pounds when removed out of the box. The weight along with the system’s dimensions (7.09 by 4.09 by 4.09 inches) makes the stove the ideal choice for backpackers. The cookware will fit comfortably in your backpack.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Apart from the weight and dimensions, the major benefit of the Jetboil Flash Personal cookware is simplicity. Basically, it contains fewer parts: 1 liter of the FluxRing cooking cup, adjustable burner, and fuel canister. The fuel canister and stainless steel burner stow suitably inside the cup. This makes backpacking remarkably easy.

Design & Durability

The cooking system’s construction is undoubtedly higher end with the burner being made of stainless steel and the cooking cup of aluminum. Both these metals are known for their durability, which is an incredibly important factor when assessing outdoors products. You want to know that a bit of rough and tumble won’t break your brand new stove, and we’re fairly confident you can be sure of the stove’s durability.

The cookware seems to be a cooperation of a well-made cooking cup and an unrivaled ignition system. Out of the box, you will observe at first glance the cute packaging. Each piece fits in the cup for easy transport. This simply signifies how resourceful and versatile the design is when compared to other backpacking stoves in the market.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System and moutains in the background

The multipurpose plastic cover found at the bottom of The Flash Personal Cooking System’s cooking cup is very useful for the minimalist outdoor packer. You’ll find that it has three uses (that we can think of), namely use as a measuring cup, a small bowl, and as a protective cover on the bottom of the cooking cup to keep your hands from being burnt by the heat while you enjoy whatever is inside.

The cooking system has a clever tripod for added efficiency. The tripod is specifically engineered to be used on rugged terrain and accommodates the little stove perfectly. We think the idea has a fair bit of merit, and anyone who has spilt hot water on themselves before, is sure to agree. The tripod doesn’t add any inconvenience to your transportation needs either as it folds up and fits with the rest of the system into the cooking cup.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System and moutains in the background on the table

The cooking cup of The Flash Personal cookware not only includes something useful at its base (the plastic cover), but also at its top. Built into the neoprene upper lining of the cup is a wonderful little heat indication window. This window will slowly turn orange as the interior contents of the cup heats up, which is a highly resourceful feature when boil water.

You could probably tell that the cup is ready without this window when you are boiling water as the device tends to make a small bubbling sound and let off some steam. Where the heat indication window really shines is when you are cooking up a delicious rehydrated mini meal. Just sit back and relax and wait for the little window to turn orange to let you know your food is hot and ready to be consumed.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

The Flash Personal Cooking System is ready to go in any weather thanks to the elemental resistance screen. The system not only runs off hot jet fuel, but protects its flame from wind and rain by utilizing a barrier around its flame area. This is great because when it is cold and rainy what can often help to brighten your mood the most is a nice cup of hot cocoa or coffee – this stove makes that possible.

Ease of Use & Efficiency

To use the stove, you have to link the canister to the clever tripod. There is an ignition button, which you have to push to turn on the stove once you have switched on the gas flow. The igniter has actually simplified your work. Then add water to the 1 liter cup and have it fixed to the stainless steel burner. The one liter capacity will allow you to prepare two cups of hot coffee or cocoa in two minutes.

jetboil-flash-components on the table

Basically, the one liter capacity is sufficient, but you are strongly urged to boil less amount of water at a time to circumvent accidents. The reputation of the Jetboil Flash Personal cookware is attributed to its boil time. In actual fact, the boil time is the main reason why most outdoorsmen like the cooking system. Impressively, the stove boils one liter of water in two minutes under normal conditions, and four minutes in extreme conditions.

Storage after Use

To ensure the durability of the cookware, you have to store it correctly after every use. Once you are done cooking, turn the control valve off so as to put out the flame. Then go ahead and separate the cup from the base of the stainless steel burner. Have the stabilizer removed from the fuel canister. At that point, unbolt fuel container from the burner base.

JetBoil Flash Personal Cooking System - components

Make sure you replace the plastic fuel cap. For easy storage, position the stabilizer in the bottom of the cup, followed by the burner base, and eventually the fuel canister. Place the lid to secure the items inside the cup. Never forget to disconnect the fuel cartridge once you are done cooking. To ensure the cup is not damaged, you are advised to wash it by hand.

Unique Features

Jetboil FluxRing Technology: The burner is handily connected to the cooking cup by use of FluxRing tech. This ensures there is minimal or no heat loss during boiling or cooking, thus better boil times.

Built-in Windscreen: Unlike traditional camping stoves that are known not to function properly in windy conditions, the Jetboil Flash Personal has a built-in windscreen that allows it to perform exceptionally in windy climate.

Cooking with Flash Personal Cooking System

A Resourceful Neoprene Lining: The cooking cup is enclosed by a neoprene lining that maintains the warmth of drinks and food for the considerable time duration. The lining also incorporates a color changing window that always signals when food or drinks are hot.

Quick Ignition Ability: The quick ignition ability of The Flash Personal Cooking System makes it ideal for big families who will have multiple users handling it. There is an auto-start filament built into the system which enables the jet flame to be created without the use of matches. Anyone who has ever forgotten to pack matches for their trip will know that this is a big help.

Value for Money & Guarantee

The Jetboil Flash Personal Cookware is worth your every dollar. The price is reasonable when you consider its amazing features and performance, especially its boil time. At approx. $100, you get a fully functioning stove that prevails both in normal and windy conditions. Some individuals may consider it to be an expensive unit; but camping and hiking enthusiasts will appreciate the price.

Flash Personal Cooking System

There are compatible accessories and products that are sold separately, including: 1.5L cooking pot, 1.8L spare cup, 1L tall spare cup, and an 8-inch FluxRing fry pan. There is a manufacturer’s warranty for the cooking system in case it does not perform as expected under normal use. However, the warranty does not cover damages due to improper use, accidents, negligence, poor maintenance, and normal wear and tear.

The Jetboil Flash Personal is the best backpacking canister stove system that addresses the shortcomings of traditional cooking systems. The most defining feature of the Jetboil Flash Personal is the fact that it is an integrated stove system. As aforementioned, it combines a fuel cartridge with an effective built-in windscreen, stabilizer, stainless steel burner and a FluxRing cooking cup.

As far as the Flash Personal cooking system is concerned, every part has its unique purpose and contributes to the general performance of the stove. The FluxRing heat exchanger makes sure that the flame is uniformly distributed at the base of the cup so as to maximize fuel efficiency. The creative temperature indicator alerts you when food or drink is hot and cooked, saving fuel.

Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System and two adults passing by

The adjustable burner is enclosed by an inbuilt windscreen so as to reduce heat loss and at the same time improve fuel efficiency. You really do not need a match to ignite the stove, since the push button electric igniter is enough to start a flame. This makes the Flash Personal System a very reliable choice for emergency situations other than regular outdoor adventures.


  • Stabilizing tripod base for added convenience & safety
  • Plastic cover acts as a measuring cup, small bowl & heat protector
  • Interactive cooking window indicates when food is hot & ready
  • Fabric cozy provides helpful handle and attractive exterior
  • The overall construction is high quality with durable materials
  • Resistive barrier allows the stove to be used in any weather conditions
  • Auto-start filament for matchless immediate ignition included


  • 32-ounce capacity only provides enough room for 1 or 2 people rehydrated meal preparations.
  • Relying on the supply of isobutene and propane gas (unable to run off renewable energy)
  • Does not work well in high altitudes and very cold climates. 

A decent Jetboil stove is a worthwhile investment that can take hours off your outdoor ‘chores’ time over the course of years. The Flash Personal Cooking System is one of our favorite choices because of its clever design and easy portability. If you’re looking to create quick and easy meals or simply boil water for purification, then it’s a great option.

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BioLite Stove Review: Highly Efficient and Good in an Emergency




biolite-gear in a storeAre you an avid camper, hiker, fisher or general outdoors enjoyer? If so, then you’ve probably already discovered the amazing benefits of having a decent campfire. An outdoor stove takes that one step further and provides you with not only warmth and light, but a convenient fireplace to cook/boil water over as well. Add to that functionality the USB charging ports built into BioLite Wood stoves and you’ve got the best thing since portable tents.

These smart stoves are absolutely amazing. As such, we’ve decided to write a full BioLite stove review on our favorite one: The BioLite Wood Burning Campstove. We’ll cover the good, the bad and the ugly about this little stove in this review. So if you’ve been looking for a camp stove in general or at this one in particular, then be sure to read this review. We’ll start with the specifications.



This unit will be shipped to you in a 5 by 5 by 8.3 inch box that weighs 2.9 pounds. The unit itself is lightweight and compact, weighing in at 2.1 pounds. This means that you should have no trouble fitting it in a backpack in case you need to carry it with you on a hike. Plus, it definitely won’t weigh you down.

People cooking outside on BioLite Stove

The stove consists of two main components: the stove itself and the power module (where the USB port, fan and internal battery are located). The power module can be placed inside the stove when not in use, reducing its size considerably to be the same as a 1-liter Nalgene water bottle. It also has a grill top for balancing your pots when placed on top the stove. It also comes with a nylon stuff sack that you can place it in after unboxing for proper storage.

Design and Durability

The BioLite Wood Burning Camp stove is a sturdy piece of equipment built to make outdoor fire use easy. Its technology features are some of the best in the outdoor stove industry, including both a USB charging port and fans to help fires burn hotter. That it runs off biomass as well makes this stove particularly attractive due to emergency and environmental benefits.

The stove’s frame is mostly made up of aluminium. This metal is known for being both strong and lightweight, which is a great combination for any portable item. Although still too heavy to carry on extremely long hikes, we certainly think it’d earn an easy spot in the car or boat transport as well as short backpack trips.

BioLite Stove on a table

The creators of the stove have made it a good size in terms of dimensions, not adding more than needed but not leaving anything crucial out either. You might want to test carry an item of similar weight and dimensions to ascertain whether this stove is right for you.

Overall the shape and outer design of this stove are well thought through. They complement its inner, smart technology design well, by making it functional. We appreciate that they’ve kept it relatively small so as to make it easier to transport. There are a few other feature worth mentioning though, so here’s our take on the main features to be aware of if you’re thinking about buying this stove.

Unique Features

This stove comes with some rather unique features that give it an edge over the competition.

Thermoelectric Generator: This BioLite Campstove allows its owners to personally generate electricity from nothing more than burning wood. This means that you can choose to take a variety of USB chargeable items with you when visiting the great outdoors and charge them as you cook or boil food/water. This thermo-electric generator is perfect for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors while remaining contact-able.

USB chargeable on BioLite Stove

You’ll get approximately 60 minutes of talk time on regular smart phones from 20 minutes of charging time on a strong fire. We’d recommend turning off your electronic devices now and again anyway to enjoy the outdoors more, but in general this is a fantastic concept. The best part about it is that the thermo-electric generator technology works off principles and airflow, meaning it’s usable for as many times as you want or have wood for. No running out of battery charge ever again!

Burn Increasing Fan: The internal fan and gas jets built into the BioLite Campstove is ideal for outdoors people who want to get their fires up and running quickly (and don’t we all?). Having appropriate kindling or dry wood certainly helps, but isn’t a necessity with this cool stove’s design.

BioLite Wood and a waterfall in the background

The HI/LO set-able fans push air into your fire which improves the combustion system. You’ll get a hotter, more efficient flame, much faster, and some find the air circulation helps with smoke control as well. If you intend to get started on making your fires late in the evening, this is a perfect choice for you.

Biomass Fuel System: The BioLite Campstove takes renewable energy to a whole new level. The system not only runs off renewable biomass like twigs and sticks found while out and about, but also takes that renewable energy and turns into electrical energy to charge your devices with! We love that it’s not reliant on coals or petroleum. It’s a much more environmentally friendly approach to fire starting and we give it a big thumbs up for that.

Two persons cooking on Biolite Wood stove

NOTE: This stove would be useful in emergency situations because it is not reliant on petroleum or electricity to start. You can charge your electronic devices from it, despite power line outages using just biomass (twigs and wood) from your surrounding gardens. Stay on the grid!

User Friendly Interface: The big, ON button, and easily discernible USB charging port on the BioLite Campstove, are just a couple of the user friendly features of the design. When looking for a smart camp stove you ideally want something that anyone can use. This system makes it easy to start fires by storing a little charge to fan your initial fire starting with.

Barbeque on BioLite Wood stove

That means even beginner fire starters should be able to get the flames going in this stove. For those who have tried fire starting themselves, you’ll know it’s not always as easy as it looks, especially if your wood is damp. That’s why the user friendly fans and gas jets to help start this stove’s fires are so great.

Value for Money and Guarantee

Once you consider how much you will actually be saving in terms of purchasing fuel for a gas powered stove, the decision to get the BioLite Campstove becomes easy. Furthermore, you also don’t need to buy any extra emergency battery packs in case your phone dies on you.

Cooking diner on BioLite Wood stove

The unit costs approx. $130 on Amazon. It is currently not available on the BioLite website, so people looking for this unit will have to purchase it on Amazon. Once you add up the specifications, it is easy to tell that getting the BioLite Campstove will provide you with great value for your money.

We would definitely recommend this BioLite Wood Burning Campstove to anyone looking for a high quality piece of fire making and cooking outdoor equipment. Do, however, ensure that you are aware of the size and weight of the item prior to purchase. To get it to your outdoor spot you’ll have to transport it!

In addition, we’d also recommend taking a couple of small fire-starting cubes and some waterproof matches with you when you head out. This will make the fire-starting process even easier, though the design of the camp stove makes that pretty easy already.

Cooking on BioLite Stove in the wild

A final note is to choose pots and pans to use with this system that are metal, no more than 10 inches in diameter, and no more than 8 pounds in weight. Other than that, this stove is ready to go. You’ll find it adds a whole new level of cool to your outdoor experience and makes cooking/boiling food/water so much easier. When it comes to camp stoves it can be worth digging a little deeper in your pocket to get a great multifunctional product, that will go the distance with you.


  • Compatible with most common USB devices
  • Can generate better flames than average stoves because of its fans and gas jets
  • Easy to use scalloped upper design supplies a sturdy surface for pots and pans
  • Cool to the touch safety conscious honeycomb exterior
  • Aluminium frame is lightweight and strong
  • Smart technology runs completely on biomass fuel which is renewable and readily available


  • Slightly heavy
  • Somewhat bulky

(Some may find that carrying a portable camp stove around is too inconvenient when they know they can just find sticks and build a fire on the ground at their destination site).

A pros and cons list is good to ensure that you get an unbiased review, and we hope that you agree with us that the pros more than make up for the cons. This is based on our educated opinion, and we are confident in recommending this stove as one of the most highly efficient, easy-to-use and useful outdoor stoves around. If you take it to the great outdoors for off-grid living, you will not be disappointed.

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